He Who Loves His Wife Loves Himself (Eph. 5:28-29)

Have you ever used a hammer and accidentally hit one of your fingers? Have you ever run into a glass door and endured the sudden and startling pain to your injured head or face? Have you ever broken a glass in the middle of washing it and cut your hand? These are real-life situations that we can all relate to.

When Paul calls husbands to love their wives as their own bodies, he is using language that conveys that, when this kind of love really takes place, it will be one filled with empathy and concern for their wives.

In fact, these verses are central to Paul’s message to Christian husbands. The apostle appeals to the message from Genesis 2:24, of husbands and wives becoming one flesh, advancing the notion of husbands loving their wives as they love themselves.

So, if you are a husband, before you say or do something to your wife, think about how you would feel if someone treated you that way. If you can honestly think that what you are about to do or say would be welcomed by you, then there is a high probability that your wife will welcome those words and actions as well.