You’ve Got What You Need (Prov. 5:15-18)

Marriage brings you face to face with the reality that the person to whom you are married is not the person whom you married. Somebody said, “Before I got married, I was looking for the ideal. Then it became an ordeal. Now I want a new deal.” The grass may not be greener on the other side; yours may just need watering. “My sweetheart, my bride, is a secret garden, a walled garden, a private spring; there the plants flourish” (Song. 4:12, GNT). This is your garden. Invest in it; and then protect your investment!

If he is not going anywhere, if she is not looking elsewhere, be thankful, but work to keep it that way. Purveyors of perverted sex should never be allowed to mask the marvel of marital sex. Sex is healthy, wholesome, and even holy. Do not make sex an appendix to the evening’s activities, make it the culmination. Look forward to it. Plan for it. Whisper seductive words. Make suggestive actions; but do other things. Freshen yourselves. Men, shave—and wash the dishes. Somebody said, “If you want to be in heaven at eleven, you’d better start before seven.”

Then let there be mutual enjoyment involving patience, pleasure, and passion. Do not be too busy for sex or lacking in interest. One bride said, “I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me (Song 7:10, ESV). Before marriage, run away from sex; after marriage, run to it.