Cryonic Freezing

It’s a compelling thought: Have yourself frozen and stored until science has found a way to defrost you, restart your heart, heal you of any disease that might have killed you, and thus extend your life. It spurs many questions: What if we can actually cheat death and manage to live forever? But what are the possible consequences? Would this be an option for all human beings, or just the rich and privileged? How much energy would be needed? Would this make the world a better place? Would we want to live forever in this kind of world, anyway?

Even if complete physical healing would be possible and the threat of physical death be removed we would still be the same persons psychological, mentally, and spiritually, with all the baggage of bad experiences, our own failure, and incompleteness (our hate, pride, thoughts of revenge, egotism, etc.). Even if ongoing life by means of cryonic freezing were possible, one day the divine judgment would bring it to an end for those who do not follow Christ, as Satan’s life will come to an end.

Cryonic freezing seems to be just another expression of our deep-rooted longing for life. We struggle with the fact that our life is a terminal condition. Death is our “last enemy” (1 Cor. 15:26). People are looking for hope in many places, especially science. It might sound logical, but, in the end, cryonic freezing is a waste of time and money and resources.

The Bible tells us that the dream of eternal life is no mere utopia. It is, rather, our destiny, at least for those who believe in Jesus. When God created life, it had no expiration date. We were meant to live in communion with God and in harmony with all of God’s creation, forever. Sin arose, and so we lost touch with God, the source of Life.

Life is not something that we own but something that is given to us (Rom. 6:23). Life is not an independent entity, but related to God. Better than to freeze our bodies is to reconnect our existence with God through faith in Jesus Christ. He has conquered death (2 Tim. 1:10; see also 1 John 5:12) and has guaranteed the resurrection of His children to eternal life (John 6:40).